Afri-Youth Development Services

  • Afri-Youth Development ServicesAfri-Youth Development Services is a non-governmental organization that trains women and youth in a variety of enterprises to generate income thus improve their standard of living. In order to accomplish this, Afri-Youth Development Services provides courses on food processing, training in tailoring, embroidery, knitting and carpentry. These products are then sold in local markets. The main products produced by the youth and women are: flour, honey, soya drinks, soya meals, soya milk, tea masala, pilau masala, cinnamon and ginger.

    Enterprise Contact

    Sarah William Kessy - Director

    P.O. BOX 714

    Arusha, Tanzania

    Tel: +255 (754) 300748

    Mobile: (255) 732972243


    • Honey: is produced by Afri-Youth Development Services because it has many health benefits to the consumer. Honey is well known around the world as one of Mother Nature's miracle weapon against disease and aging. If combined with honey, it can be twice as effective, thus Afri-Youth Services produces both cinnamon and honey so that consumers can achieve the best results.
    • Soya Products: are an excellent source of high quality protein, flavones and B-Vitamins. Soy milk is free of milk sugar (lactose) and is a great choice for those lactose intolerant. Soya products can help combat aging and are a good source of iron and calcium.