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    Enterprise Contact

    Salpi Nalbandian - Managing Director

    PO Box 1862

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Tel: +251 (11) 5539429

    Fax: +251 (11) 1552407

    Mobile: (0911) 204924


    • Wet-blue Hides and Goat Skins: Wet-blue hides made exclusively from wet-salted hides. Grades A, B, and C. Sheepskins are produced for finished garment use.
    • Exotic Leathers: Crocodile skins, fish skins.
    • Finished and Crust Leathers: Cow crust (1 mm to 2 mm thickness), goat crust (0.6 mm to 0.8mm thickness), and sheep crust. Crust sides. Cow bag leather and goat garment suede and goat lining (basic colours)