Beezydee and Family

  • Beezydee and Family is an agricultural produce company started in 2003. Beezydee and Family farms and processes indigenous vegetables such as pumpkin leaves, cowpea leaves, bean leaves and okra. These vegetables are usually dried and sold to residents of the local community in Lusaka. These products are easy to store and keep for a long time. Beezydee and Family Farm is part of the Mitengo Association and also a participant of annual agricultural tradeshows in the provincial and district levels.

    Enterprise Contact

    Phoebe C. Kabemba

    PO Box 310151

    Lusaka, Zambia

    Tel: +260 (966) 598436


    • Moringa: it leaves are dried and made into powder. The powder can be added to cooking.
    • Cassava: is sold to companies who produce starch products such as milli mill. Hemelodge also produces and sells its own milli mill.
    • Jatilobha: is an organic product used to make oil. Beezydee owns 1000 plants of jatilobha and the product is sold to companies that make organic oil.