• EBENUT (GH) LtdThe aim of Ebenut is to bring exotic tropical fruits and vegetables to tables worldwide.

    Enterprise Contact

    Paully Appiah Kubi - Manager

    Weija Industrial and Commercial Estates


    New Weija, Accra, Ghana

    Tel: +233 (021) 852226

    Fax: +233 (021) 852336

    Mobile: (233) 24468726


    • Dried Fruit and Vegetables: Naturally sweet and chewy, dried fruit make for a nutritious snack anytime. Dried and powdered fruits can also be used for instant juice. They are a good source of vitamins A and C. Add to maize flour to make especially nutritious
    • Spices: Dried Pepper (kpa-kpo shito): Dried hot pepper for spicy flavouring.
    • Snacks & Others: Plantain Banana Chips: An addictive snack with a unique spicy flavor. Natural Cocoa Powder: Made from processed cocoa beans, this product contains important minerals, including magnesium and theobromine. Gari: A favorite food in West Africa from the roots of the cassava plant, fortified with nutritious Soya bean flour.