Fresh Traders

  • Fresh Traders company started in 2007 with a three years backup experience in agricultural business. The company is now famous with its organic food products; specialising in poultry farming.

    Enterprise Contact

    Helen Lyaruu - Executive Director

    Sam Nujoma ( Mpakani Road) 22B

    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    Tel: +255 (713) 288991

    Mobile: (+255) 74428899


    • Lena Organic Chicken: These are organically grown chicken by using organic feeds. This chicken are good and OK for all ages and even healthy for those who cares for themselves.
    • Organic Eggs: These are eggs from organic chicken. These eggs are very nutritious and free from chemicals. Highly recommended to children and elderly / aged people.
    • Fruits and Vegetables: We chose the only the best fruits and vegetables for exports and they are available as per customer's needs. They can be either fresh or dried as desired.