Kamorapeleng Guesthouse

  • Kamorapeleng GuesthouseA Place to have an Enjoyable, Peaceful & Memorable Stay.

    Enjoy the company with the family and other guests to unwind your day and also to get to know about life, the South African way.

    Enterprise Contact

    Mpho Modisane

    229 Wellington Road


    South Africa

    Tel: +027 (011) 4338344

    Fax: +027 (011) 4438344


    • A memorable service to take home with.
    • A home, to go to after a miserably day at work/meeting or after a long flight, Kamorapeleng Guesthouse will meet such a need.
    • Gym facilities to end or start a day with a good workout.
    • A qualified physiotherapist on site to advise on exercise programmes and also to treat the aches and pains.
    • Accommodation to people discharged from hospitals and those in need of physiotherapy can be treated per requirement.
    • Pick up to and from airport and hospitals available at request.
    • Tour operations to sites of interest at request.