Khonje Designs Jewellery

  • Khonje Designs JewelleryVery new in the world of fashion, KHONJE jewellery offers the discerning client something exotic, stylish, in a wide range of colours and with world class craftsmanship.

    Designed to be exclusive, the KHONJE range is very diverse; from necklaces and pendants, earrings and bracelets to men's cufflinks and unique gift items. Made in 18ct gold, diamonds & ostrich leather, Khonje jewellery offers the discerning client jewellery of quality and style that results from the unique and innovative combination of precious metals, diamonds and exotic leather. The Range also includes a line in tarnish-resistant sterling silver and ostrich leather.

    Enterprise Contact

    Ceciwa Khonje

    P.O. Box 96000


    0145, SOUTH AFRICA

    Tel : +27 (0)12 460 1569

    Fax : +27 (0)86 570 5082

    Mobile: (2519) 11476112


    • Necklaces and Pendants - Al pieces are made in silver or 18ct gold, ostrich leather and an option of diamonds. Khonje jewellery offers about 65% of its collection in tarnish-resistant sterling silver. There are many options ranging from large and small pendants, necklaces with pearls or gemstone. Beadspieces have either one or more colours of leather which makes the range colourful, exciting and unique.
    • Earrings & Bracelets - Our range has made taken full advantage of over 400 different shades of ostrich leather to create pieces in all many different shades. Whatever the colour of the season, the preference of the buyer, we are likely to have a piece you will like. We are able to cater to all tastes on the market; for those who like subtle, quiet and delicate colours, as well as those who would want to make a statement and wear a more flamboyant piece.
    • Men's Cufflinks