Mazupe Products

  • Mazupe ProductsMazupe Products was registered as a food processing business in 2006. It is producing organic fresh mangoes, appetizers, dried vegetables and cassava flour.

    Enterprise Contact

    Hamida Juma Makaranga - Director

    Picha Ndege - Kibaha

    Kibaha, Tanzania

    Tel: ++25 (755) 746229

    Mobile: (255) 755746229


    • Mango pickle: This are appetizers made from organic mangoes harvested from owners orchard.
    • Cassava flour: This is an organic product which also qualifies as raw materials for other products. This product is available throughout the year and is packed in 1Kg, 5Kg and 10 Kg. It can be packed according to customers needed
    • Dried Vegetables: This are well known as natural blood buster. They are sweet potatoes leaves. This product is available throughout the year and prepared with maximum care/ hygiene for consumers' safety.