Menby's Design

  • Menby's DesignCreative Women began in Ethiopia. I visited rehab centers where women were sewing and embroidering beautiful tablecloths, but the only market for their products was a small bazaar for the ex-pats living in Addis Ababa. I realized that by finding markets in the United States, an opportunity existed to improve women's lives and to maintain a centuries-old art form by introducing the West to the beauty of Ethiopian textiles.

    Enterprise Contact

    Menbere Alemayehu - Designer and Owner

    PO Box 170184

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Tel: +251 (11) 6452085

    Mobile: (0911) 214287


    • Home Decor Products - Pillow covers (35x45cm, 40x40cm, 45x45cm, 50x50cm), Table runners (35x90cm, 35x132cm, 35x185cm, 35x245cm), Place mats (35x50cm), Wall hangings, Bedspreads.
    • Handbags - 'Bati' highlights geometric patterns and is a 14cm wide x 24cm high shoulder bag (burgundy, orange, and royal). 'Lalibela' which is shaped like an envelope at 18x14cm, has a small pocket inside and is decorated with Ethiopian beads (available in gold, green, and copper). 'Gonder' -a shoulder bag made with black Ethiopian cotton and an insert of traditional woven textile. 'Gambela' is a clutch bag available in magenta, orange, and royal
    • Shawls and Scarves - Of various colours and colours. Menby's design shawls highlight the iridescence of their elegant fabric and can be used in summer or winter, as a sumptuous wrap or to complement a coat, sweater, or blouse. Some people even decorate tables or other furniture with them, adding a touch of Ethiopian elegance to their homes.