Miranda Enterprises Limited

  • Miranda Enterprise Limited was established in 1994 to satisfy the European, American and African markets with good quality yams to meet the demand of African and non-African consumers in the target countries. Our yams are of excellent quality, well packaged, delivered in a timely manner, and at competitive prices.

    Yam is a crop grown for its stem tubers. They grow well in mounds on fertile loamy soils in the tropics. The yams are sown in November, while late crops are planted between February and April.Yams mature within 8-12 months, after which they are harvested by digging out the tubers very carefully to avoided bruises and breakages. There are several varieties: Puna and White yams being the major exportable yams from Ghana due to their palatability.

    Yams are dispatched by air and sea. Each box weighs 25 kg gross weight of 12,000 kg. The yams are packaged in pallets and loaded on the ship. The temperature is set at 58 degrees Farenheit.

    Miranda Enterprise Limited maintains customers in the following countries:

    • South Africa
    • Italy
    • United States
    • United Kingdom

    Enterprise Contact

    Ms. Miranda Osei-Asibey - Director

    P.O. Box 248

    Achimota - Accra, Ghana

    Tel: +233 (202) 7366009

    Fax: +233 (028) 5000224

    Mobile: (233) 24468300


    • White Guinea yam/White yam: (D. rotunda) originated in West Africa. It is considered to be one of the four most important food yam varieties in West Africa, where it is thought to be the best for making the national dish of "fufu". The White stores better than the Yellow and is more tolerant of the long dry season typical of West Africa. It takes eight months to fully mature. The white variety has a moist and soft flesh.
    • Puna Yam: is preferred in both the domestic and export markets. The principal production area is in a belt located in the central Ghana. Harvest of the early crop for export typically begins in August. Peak harvest is in October. The late crop is harvested through November.
    • Some Recipes
      • Boiled Yam - Yam chips (with Fish, Chicken or Sardines and preferred Sauce)
      • Yam balls (made with butter, 1 egg and milk)
      • Yam porridge - Baked Yam (at 220 for 25 mins.)
      • Yam Fufu (pounded) - Mashed Yam