Natureripe Kilimajaro Limited NKL

  • Fruits and Vegetables - Natureripe Kilimanjaro Limited NKLNatureripe Kilimanjaro Limited (NKL) was established in 2000 and focuses on agro processing.

    The company runs a quality fruit seedling nursery with 80% being mango seedlings. NKL operates a mango farm in Mkuranga District, Coast Region. The mangoes are available to local markets as well as external markets. The mangoes produced on this farm have been exported to the Middle East since 2002.

    NKL has also exported dehydrated foods to Oman starting with small quantities and eventually exporting in large quantities. NKL works with small farmers by helping them secure markets for their products by purchasing or selling their produce on agreed commissions to cover marketing and selling costs.

    NKL also specializes in the production of quality nuts, mainly cashew nuts and peanuts and even produces a sweet cashew nut bar snack. NKL products have a backward linkage to farmers as the WW320 cashew nuts purchased are from Uvuki, a cooperative union in Kibaha which is owned by farmers. Instead of exporting raw cashew nuts to other countries, value is added to the nuts in Tanzania through roasting and seasoning which utilizes the local labor force.

    Enterprise Contact

    Fatma Riyami - Managing Director

    Plot 743 Mindu Street, Upanga

    Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

    Tel: +255 (222) 151457

    Fax: +255 (222) 151458

    Mobile: (0773) 284800


    • Mangos are a seasonal crop harvested by NKL from November to January of each month. Varieties of mangos are harvested and fetch premium prices in the world market. The varieties include Tommy Atkins, Keitt, Kent, Apple Mango, Palmer and more. In total, NKL produces about 22 different types of mangos.
    • Cashew Nuts, Peanuts and Cashew Sweet Snack: There are six different types of cashew nuts roasted and are packed in bags of 1kg, 250 and 75gm. All cashew nuts are roasted and come in the following flavors: salt, salt and chili, black pepper, sugar and ginger, and salt and garlic. The products have been approved by the Tanzania and Drug Authority (TFDA) and have been submitted to the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) for certification. Peanuts are available in 1kg and 100gm.
    • Fruit Seedlings: Mainly mangos of high quality and internationally known varieties.