Sabahar PLC

  • Sabahar PLCSilk has always been the most desired fabric, since its first use in China around the year 2600 BC. Even in Ethiopia, silk has played an important part of the social and religious life from the earliest days of the Kingdom of Axsum. At this time, silk fabric was imported from China and India, and unraveled in order to use the silk thread for weaving. Ethiopian Emperors would make impressive gifts of silk products to other churches in Christendom.

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    Kathy Marshall - Owner

    PO Box 1170

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Tel: +251 (11) 3215112/3

    Mobile: (251) 911217948


    • 100% Eri Silk Scarves: Hand spun, hand woven, hand dyed, and hand beaded, various sizes and colours
    • Silk and Cotton Blend Scarves, Wraps and Throws: 65% eri silk / 35% cotton, various sizes and colours
    • Textured Table Linens and Bolsters