Sylva Food Solutions

  • Sylva Food SolutionsSylva Food Solutions is a subsidiary development of Sylva Professional Catering (a restaurant that offers catering services). Sylva is started in 2003 by the Banda Family. Sylva Food Solutions trains local farmers on how to dry traditional vegetables hygienically. The final products are then packaged, exported and commercialized to leading supermarkets.

    Enterprise Contact

    Chanda Banda

    P.O Box 34977, University of Zambia main Dining hall

    Lusaka, Zambia

    Tel: +260 (966) 438505


    • Dried Vegetables: Pumpkin leaves, Cowpea leaves, Black Jack, Okra, Bean leaves, Sweet Potato leaves, Dry Cassava leaves, Mushroom, Mopani worms (caterpillars), Dry Sweet potatoes, Shelled Groundnuts, Dry Beans, Millet Powder, Pumpkin seeds, Cassava powder.
    • Cookbook: With the interactions Sylva Foods Solution has with the farmers about how to prepare foods in various ways, the company also looks at the aspect of which foods have medicinal value, and with that compiled various remedies and recipes.