The Herbal Horse

  • The Herbal HorseI believe that often, nature is the best doctor and that, where possible, horses are safer and better off being treated by natural means. I also believe in using small quantities of herbs that work together to produce a healing response, without the side-effects which may result from bigger doses of herbs or drugs. I believe in honesty and integrity in business, in every single sale, no matter the size.

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    Beryl Shuttleworth

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    South Africa

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    • The Herbal Horse Products - Farriers
    • The Herbal Horse Products (Continue) - Endurance mix
    • The Herbal Pet Products - Working Formula (for active, working or stud dogs); Allergy Formula (immune boosting or allergies); Serenity Formula (calming); Parasite Formula (deworming); Digestion Formula (pre- and probiotic); Joint Formula (for arthritis and other joint problems)