Emonge Women Development Association

  • Emonge Women Development AssociationEmonge Women Development Association is a non-government, non-religious, non-profit association for women based in a rural village, Ngeme in Limbe, Cameroon. It is aimed at reducing poverty among the underprivileged women and giving them greater business opportunities. We train these disadvantaged women through workshops on textile dyeing and craft making to become entrepreneurs so as to earn substancial income for their families and themselves. Products of the association are sold during trade fairs nationally and internationally. Emonge Women Development Association benefits from micro credit loans provided by Cameroon Gatsby Foundation with the help of its dynamic and current president Mrs. Lyz NANGAH-NGALLE.

    Enterprise Contact

    Lyz NANGAH-NGALLE, President

    BP 885, Limbe


    Tel:+237 (33) 333080

    Mobile: 99902633


    • Placemats in patchwork : Placemats made from assorted dyed fabrics and straw (local raffia). Handmade and semi-finished by machine.
    • Cushion covers : Decorative straw cushion covers with patchwork in dyed fabric in all assorted colours and designs for sofas to enhance the beauty of your living room or bedroom.