Yhanibo Trade Business

  • Yhanibo Trade Business is a black female-owned company based in East London. Its focus is the arts & crafts sector and it specializes in beadwork and sewing, done by their staff of six fulltime and ten part-time women. Yhanibo participates in local markets and services government departments such as the Departments of Health and Arts & Culture, as well as other organisations. Its objectives are to produce quality, handmade products that meet the needs and standards of various markets, to provide jobs to unemployed women in the Eastern Cape, to enable them to provide for their families, and to participate in the economic growth and development of the country.

    Enterprise Contact

    Nelisa Petse

    P.O. Box 13522

    East London, South Africa

    Tel: ++27 (72) 300 3699

    Fax: ++27 (43) 745 2881

    Mobile:(072) 300 3699


    • Beadwork : Beaded bags, scarves, cushions, curtaining, bed linen and jewellery, including, necklaces, bracelets, armbands and headbands.
    • Corporate Gifts : Bags, pens, etc