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      October 23, 2012
      Women ACCESS! Export Success

      ACCESS! has grown to be a recognized programme for women exporters in Africa, helping them to realize their economic potential and thereby contributing concretely to poverty reduction and improved standards of living. Measurable results show how the programme has played a vital role for women exporters in 20 African countries.

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      October 23, 2012
      New ACCESS! Factsheet

      ACCESS! means solutions for hundreds of women entrepreneurs in Africa. True to its name, the programme has empowered women in sectors from coffee, leather and horticulture to textiles, handicrafts and services by giving them access to regional and global markets as well as tools to ensure their success.

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      July 31, 2012
      New ECOWAS Experts Network

      You are an Expert, a Resource Person, a Consultant, sign up to put your skills available to the whole sub-region.You have already registered; you can update your profile using your login and password created during registration.You are an organization...

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      April 20, 2012
      ACCESS! Highlight

      If you are a women entrepreneur in Africa, if you are a member of a Trade Support Institution promoting the interest of businesswomen in Africa, if your are an importer of products and services and wish to enrich your portfolio of suppliers from Africa...