Women ACCESS! Export Success - The Voice of African Businesswomen

    Office for Africa
    October 23, 2012

    ACCESS! has grown to be a recognized programme for women exporters in Africa, helping them to realize their economic potential and thereby contributing concretely to poverty reduction and improved standards of living. Measurable results show how the programme has played a vital role for women exporters in 20 African countries.

    Business Women

    Women entrepreneurs say the ACCESS! programme has given them visibility and courage to overcome the barriers and tackle new international markets, through the knowledge, confidence and networks gained. Several women business leaders say the technical support they received through the export training and the tailored business counseling programmes have led them to restructure their businesses to optimize efficiency performance and maximize the opportunities to trade regionally and internationally.

    We hope this publication will inspire other women entrepreneurs and institutions to seize the opportunity to invest in women, programmes and services that give them what they need to expand their businesses. The demand for innovative products, the ingenuity and tenacity are there and African women are ready to meet the challenge.

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